Standard Setting Committee

The Standard Setting Committee comprises of independent experts, from different countries. They’ve been appointed by the coalition to draft and consult on the new principles of fire safety.

Standard Setting Committee members:

  • Executive Secretary ā€“ Alexander Aronsohn
  • Dr Ales Jug
  • Ben Bradford
  • Beth Tubbs
  • Birgette Messerschmidt
  • Daniel Joyeux
  • Dr Paul Stollard
  • Dr Tony Enright
  • Dwayne Sloan
  • Frances Peacock
  • Dr Graham Smith
  • Greg Payne
  • Jeff Wood
  • John Lewis
  • Kevin Hughes
  • Lorna Stimpson
  • Martin Conlon
  • Professor Sam Allwinkle
  • Robert Thilthorpe
  • Tim Neal
  • William Koffel